Root canal therapy often marks the end of troubles for a treated tooth, ensuring its health and functionality for a lifetime. However, in some cases, a tooth may not heal as expected or could experience a resurgence of infection. Under these circumstances, a specialized procedure called an apicoectomy, or root-end surgery, may be considered as a further step to salvage the tooth.

An apicoectomy involves the surgical removal of the tooth’s apex — or the tip of the root. This part of the tooth anchors it firmly within the jawbone. Depending on the tooth’s position and function, it may have one or several roots. An infection or inflammation at this critical juncture can compromise the tooth’s integrity, prompting the need for an apicoectomy.

This procedure involves making a precise incision in the gum tissue near the affected tooth to reach the bone beneath. Our dentist can then excise the infected root tip and any surrounding diseased tissue. To complete your treatment, a small filling is applied to seal the root canal’s end, ensuring no further infection can enter. Sutures are often necessary to facilitate the healing of the gum tissues.

Over the following months, the jawbone naturally heals around the newly treated root end, reinstating the tooth’s stability and function. Should you experience discomfort or pain from a tooth previously treated with root canal therapy, an apicoectomy might be the next course of action.

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