At our practice, under the expert guidance of Dr. Anil Dwivedi, we are enhancing our dental care services with the innovative use of an intraoral scanner. This advanced tool streamlines the process of creating digital impressions of your teeth and gums, offering a fast, accurate and comfortable alternative to traditional impression materials. The intraoral scanner is integral to our commitment to employing the latest technology for precise treatment planning and improved patient experiences.

The intraoral scanner allows us to capture detailed 3D images of your oral cavity in real-time, eliminating the discomfort and mess associated with conventional impressions. This non-invasive technique not only improves the accuracy of dental restorations like crowns, bridges and aligners but also engages you in the treatment process by providing a clear, visual representation of your dental health and the proposed treatments.

Benefits of the intraoral scanner include:

  • Enhanced accuracy and detail in dental impressions, leading to better-fitting restorations
  • A more comfortable and pleasant experience for patients, free from the taste and texture of traditional impression materials
  • Immediate visual feedback, facilitating a better understanding of your dental health and treatment options
  • Streamlined treatment planning and faster turnaround times for custom dental solutions

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