Sinus augmentation, also known as a sinus lift, is a specialized dental procedure aimed at increasing bone mass in the upper jaw to support dental implants. Our experienced dentist and team utilize advanced techniques in sinus augmentation to prepare patients for successful implant placement, especially when bone density in the sinus area is insufficient. This procedure is crucial for patients with bone loss in the upper jaw or those who require additional support for implant stability.

The sinus augmentation process involves carefully lifting the sinus membrane and adding bone graft material beneath it, effectively elevating the sinus floor to allow for new bone formation. This additional bone creates a more substantial foundation for dental implants in the posterior upper jaw, where bone quality and quantity are often inadequate for traditional implant procedures.

Benefits of sinus augmentation include:

  • Enhancing the upper jaw’s bone density to support dental implants
  • Increasing the likelihood of successful dental implant integration
  • Preserving facial structure by preventing bone loss
  • Offering the possibility of dental implants in cases where they were not previously feasible

If you are considering dental implants in the upper jaw and have been told you lack the necessary bone support, sinus augmentation in Vienna, Virginia, may be the solution. Dr. Anil Dwivedi and our team are here to guide you through this process, enhancing your candidacy for dental implants and ultimately improving your oral health. Schedule a consultation with us today by calling 703-734-1080.

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