Sleep dentistry is a specialized field focused on addressing sleep-related disorders, such as snoring and sleep apnea, through dental solutions. Our dentist and team are dedicated to helping patients achieve better sleep quality and overall health by diagnosing and treating conditions that disrupt sleep. Our approach to sleep dentistry involves evaluating and managing airway obstructions that can lead to snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), using non-invasive oral appliances and tailored treatment plans. Our sleep dentistry services include:

Our comprehensive sleep dentistry services begin with a detailed airway analysis to understand the root cause of your sleep disruption. This may involve home sleep studies or collaboration with sleep specialists to accurately diagnose your condition. For patients with snoring or mild to moderate OSA, we often recommend custom-fitted oral appliances that gently reposition the jaw or tongue during sleep, opening up the airway and facilitating uninterrupted breathing.

Benefits of sleep dentistry include:

  • Significant reduction or elimination of snoring, leading to quieter sleep for you and your partner
  • Improved sleep quality and oxygen levels for patients with sleep apnea, reducing the risk of related health issues
  • A non-invasive and comfortable alternative to CPAP machines for treating sleep apnea
  • Enhanced overall health and well-being through better sleep

If you are struggling with snoring or suspect you have sleep apnea, Dr. Anil Dwivedi can offer effective, dental-based solutions. We are committed to improving your sleep and health without the need for sedation or invasive procedures. Contact us today at 703-734-1080 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how sleep dentistry in Vienna, Virginia, can transform your nights and improve your days.

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