The teeth-in-a-day procedure offers an innovative approach for those seeking implant-supported dentures, transforming what traditionally unfolds over several months into a single-day solution. This expedited process allows patients to reclaim their smiles without the prolonged wait times associated with conventional treatments. When you choose to receive teeth-in-a-day, our dentist will skillfully place implants and secure a denture immediately, with adjustments or replacements made as necessary during the healing process to ensure optimal fit and function.

The journey begins with a detailed scan of your mouth and jawbone by our expert to ascertain the best locations for your implants. Subsequently, a custom denture is fabricated. Following the implant procedure, this denture is affixed atop the implants, reinstating your ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence. Typically, patients receive two sets of dentures: an initial one placed right after implantation and a final one fitted after the mouth fully heals.

The advantages of teeth-in-a-day include:

  • A permanent solution that mirrors the look, feel and performance of natural teeth.
  • Stability is significantly enhanced, providing peace of mind.
  • There are no dietary limitations, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods.
  • The treatment timeline is considerably shortened.
  • Patients experience no gap in having a full set of teeth.
  • Healing and recovery are expedited.
  • It helps in maintaining the integrity of bone and gum tissue, alongside preserving facial structure.

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