Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

Being unhappy with the appearance of your smile can be a burden. An experienced cosmetic dentist like Dr. Dwivedi can help you identify problems with your smile and develop a smile makeover plan for you that is as unique as your smile.


One of the best ways to achieve a beautiful smile is through a smile makeover. A smile makeover is performed with one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures that provide you with a beautiful new smile. A smile makeover can be performed with something as simple as tooth whitening, or it can be done with more extensive solutions, such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns and bridges.


Tooth whitening is a treatment many people choose in order to gain the dazzling white smiles in magazine and on television, but tooth whitening is just the beginning. Crooked, broken, or misaligned teeth can also be corrected. Virtually any problem you have with your smile can be corrected through a smile makeover.


Also, with all the advancements made in cosmetic dentistry, the smile of your dreams can be achieved sooner than ever before. In most cases, you can have a beautiful new smile in just a few short visits to Dr. Dwivedi’s office.


A bright, white, straight smile can give you a boost in self-confidence, it can make you smile more often, and it will make you proud to show off your beautiful teeth. All of our smile makeover procedures are safe, effective, and easier than ever.


Each smile makeover is as unique as the individual receiving it. If you would like to have a Hollywood smile, contact Dr. Dwivedi to schedule an initial consultation. During your initial consultation, Dr. Dwivedi will help determine exactly what procedures will provide you with the results you need.