Overview of Sedation

Overview of Sedation

Dr. Dwivedi is one of the few dentists in the country trained in anesthesiology. You may hear radio commercials by dentists advertising sedation dentistry. These individuals have taken a weekend course in the use of pills to sedate patients. Dr. Dwivedi has completed a medical based residency in anesthesiology at the Hospital of the Medical College of Pennsylvania.


Dr. Dwivedi has been providing anesthesia services to his own patients and to many other dental offices in Northern Virginia for more than 19 years.


Through the use of IV sedation and general anesthesia all levels of anxiety and fears can be alleviated. You can calmly sleep through the procedure. The technique does NOT require a breathing tube to be placed. This anesthesia technique is safe and proven. All standards of care for monitoring your safety are in place. A crash cart is available if needed.


You do not have to fear anything in the dental office any longer.


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