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Sedation Basics

Sedation Basics

Sedation Options

Dr. Dwivedi is one of the few dentists in the country trained in anesthesiology. You may hear radio commercials by dentists advertising sedation dentistry. These individuals have taken a weekend course in the use of pills to sedate patients. Dr. Dwivedi has completed a medical based residency in anesthesiology at the Hospital of the Medical College of Pennsylvania.


Dr. Dwivedi has been providing anesthesia services to his own patients and to many other dental offices in Northern Virginia for more than 25 years.


Through the use of IV sedation and general anesthesia all levels of anxiety and fears can be alleviated. You can calmly sleep through the procedure. The technique does NOT require a breathing tube to be placed. This anesthesia technique is safe and proven. All standards of care for monitoring your safety are in place. A crash cart is available if needed.


You do not have to fear anything in the dental office any longer.


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For those patients who like a little extra help to feel comfortable during treatment, Dr. Dwivedi and his Staff have created a unique menu of Comfort Plan Options that are available to you to make your dental experience the very best! Our Comfort Options include:

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is a gas that helps you to feel more relaxed and decreases anxiety. The recovery time is very short, so you will be able to drive yourself home. Nitrous oxide is best used for patients with mild anxiety, who will be having a short dental procedure.

Oral Conscious Sedation (Pills)

This method involves taking a pill about an hour before your treatment. This will make you feel relaxed and drowsy. You will remain awake and be able to interact with and respond to the dentist. Occasionally, nitrous oxide may be used in addition to oral medication to reach the desired effect. The sedative effects can last many hours, so you will need to have a responsible adult drive you home.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation (Twilight Sleep)

Sedation produces a lowered level of consciousness so that you may undergo dental treatment in a “twilight sleep.” You will be semi-conscious with the ability to respond but will have little or no memory of the procedure. This modality allows Dr. Dwivedi to customize the dose making it predictable and comfortable for you right in the dental office. If you are a healthy patient with moderate to severe anxiety, sedation may be a good choice for you. Individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities may benefit from IV Sedation, as well.

Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia

General anesthesia produces a state of unconsciousness wherein you are completely asleep during your treatment. It is performed in the office. Since Dr.Dwivedi is a dentist anesthesiologist he can provide this care in the office. If you have a complex medical condition or an extreme phobia, this option may be right for you. Individuals with special needs – physical or mental disabilities, often benefit from treatment under general anesthesia. It can also be the ideal method when multiple procedures need to be accomplished in one visit.