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Sometimes teeth need to be removed. Whether abscessed or broken, we might not be able to save the tooth. It needs to be extracted. The type of extraction is determined by Dr. Dwivedi after he has examined the situation and obtained a radiograph (x-ray). He will advise you of the best course of action. But rest assured, there will be no pain. Whether you are awake with local anesthesia or asleep with general anesthesia, you will not feel anything. Dr. Dwivedi has been trained in anesthesiology just for this situation.

Wisdom teeth or 3rd molars are the most commonly extracted teeth.  Here is an animation of the general process.


Partial Bony Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

Instructions will be given to you for after the extraction care and an after hours contact will be provided. You won’t be left alone without any contact. Most extractions go very smoothly, even wisdom teeth. So don’t be worried. If there is a tooth which has to be removed give us a call.